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In the Western Algarve, close to Silves, a small family wine estate is about to see the light of the day.

With our roots in Switzerland and Denmark and a past in corporate jobs, we are now living our dream and have moved on to a no less demanding life of working in the vineyards and the winery with passion, excitement and respect for nature.

Three hectares of red grapes established in 2012 and half a hectare of white grapes planted in spring 2016 has seen us making our first garage wines in our new tailor-made winery in September 2016. A small-scale olive oil production from the many mature olive trees in the grounds will complement the wines.

We will launch this website during spring 2018. Please visit us then.

Beat Buchmann & Charlotte Toubro


Quinta dos Sentidos

You can find us at
+41 79 414 6002  / +351 967 130 138