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The spectacular countryside surrounding the Quinta stimulates the five senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing, the inspiration for the name Quinta dos Sentidos. In the interest of balanced growth, parts of the land are left undisturbed to provide a natural habitat for rabbits, partridges and other wildlife.

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Using only our own meticulously tended grapes and olives and with a work ethic that respects nature, we strive for the highest quality in our produce, the wines, the olive oils and the verjus.

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Rigorous yield reduction, attention to every detail from harvesting to fermenting to aging of the wines, an experimental vineyard with 50 grape varieties combined with our dedication and expertise are the pillars of our boutique winery approach.

Olive Oil

Based on an extensive farming approach, our olive oils benefit from a natural cycle whereby the olives are protected with white clay during the growth period, picked and selected by hand, milled immediately and the oil extracted with minimal intervention, and the solids returned to the soil as organic material.


Aiming to revive the use of the acidic green grape juice in Portuguese gastronomy, we pick green grapes at the optimal point of immaturity when the balance of fruit taste and acidity is just right to yield our verjus – an ideal complement to our olive oils.

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We look forward to welcoming you for visits at Quinta dos Sentidos. We offer tastings of our products as well as guided tours through the vineyards, the gardens, and the winery. Our products are available in the shop.

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