The Quinta

When we first saw the wilderness of the long-abandoned Quinta in the barrocal of the Algarve, a dream was born. More than a decade later, the vision has turned into reality and a small family wine estate has emerged.

The Quinta is situated in the rolling hills of the most southerly province of Portugal, the Algarve, where orange groves provide an exotic and fragrant backdrop to everyday working life at the Quinta.

Of the total nine hectares, three-and-a-half are laid out as vineyards for producing both red and white wine, another half houses an olive grove in addition to the centuries-old mature olive trees dotted throughout the grounds.

The gardens are home to a fascinating variety of indigenous and foreign plants and flowers complemented by exotic fruit orchards, nut trees and a vegetable garden.

We have our roots in Switzerland and Denmark and a past working in corporate jobs – now Portugal, the Quinta and its produce are our shared passions, where a wonderful team helps us with shaping and maintaining the ground, the cultures and the produce.