A tailor-made state-of-the-art winery and olive press combined with specialist skills and human passion provide all the tools needed for an optimal production of the wines, the olive oils and the verjus of Quinta dos Sentidos.


Set on gently south- and southwest-sloping grounds, the grape varieties Touriga Nacional, Aragonez, Tinta Caiada  and Syrah for the reds, and Arinto and Antão Vaz for the whites allow us to produce blended as well as single-variety wines.

A strict reduction of the yield from the vineyard and careful selection of the grapes used for the wine production ensure we are rewarded with high-quality wines produced under the guidance of renowned Swiss winemaker Alain Bramaz.

Video clip with Alain

olive oil

Centuries-old mature olive trees in calcareous, stony ground, mainly of the Galega variety have been complemented by an olive grove adding the varieties Picual and Cobrançosa to the crop, and many of the wild olive trees have been grafted with Maçanilha Algarvia.

Organic protection of the olive trees during the flowering and fruit-bearing months provides for a high-quality crop used for single-variety products as well as blends.

In addition to our own olive oil production, we also offer to press smaller crops for those who would like to enjoy oil from their own olives.


Before the lemon was introduced to Europe, verjus was used to flavour and preserve food. It is now experiencing a renaissance.

During the early summer months, unripe grapes with the optimal level of acidity are selected for the production of verjus. The green grapes are pressed and pasteurised to yield a beautifully coloured condiment which is used for a less acidic and more gentle flavouring of meat dishes, salads, sauces and even cocktails and desserts.